Presidents Cup 2024

Guest Information

Dress Regulations

Proper attire is an important element of the traditions and standards we share at Royal Montreal. All Members and their Guests are asked to respect the following Dress Regulations on the property (including arrival and departure).

It is strictly prohibited for any Member or Guest to wear the following:
• Any denim clothing (beyond the parking areas)
• Yoga leggings, jogging pants, leggings, and spandex
• Sweat suits, hoodies, biker shorts, or short shorts
• Cargo pants or cargo shorts
• Overalls
• Golf caps turned backwards
• Racer back golf shirts
• Tee shirts, tank tops, halter tops, or crop tops
• Attire with non-golf-branded insignia, inappropriate messaging, or commercial logos
• Flip flop type sandals
• Untucked shirts (Men)
Golf Attire: Gentlemen and Junior Boys
• Golf shirts with a collar, mock necks (with a minimum collar height of 1 inch) or turtle necks.
• Golf shorts may be no higher than three inches above the knee cap
• Socks may have a maximum cuff of ¾ of an inch (worn no higher than the ankle bone) or may be knee socks with turned down cuff
• Golf shoes must have soft spikes
• Socks are optional in the Clubhouse
• Sandals or flip flops are strictly prohibited
• Golf caps or hats must be removed when inside the Clubhouse, except in the Locker Rooms
• Golf shirts must be tucked in

Golf Attire: Ladies and Junior Girls
• All shirts must have a conventional collar, mandarin collar, turtleneck, or mock neck (with minimum collar height of 1 inch)
• Sleeveless golf shirts must cover shoulders. Cut-away shoulders or racer-back golf shirts are not permitted.
• Golf skirts, golf dresses, and tailored golf shorts must be at a minimum mid-thigh in length. As individual height may affect the interpretation of this restriction, mid-thigh is to be calculated by one half of the length from inseam to knee
• Golf pants and capris must be tailored, and should not be tight so as to appear to be leggings
• Leggings are not permitted, even under golf skirts
• Golf shoes must have soft spikes
• Sandals are permitted in the Clubhouse
• Flip flops are strictly prohibited
• Golf caps, visors, and hats must be removed inside the Clubhouse, except in the Locker Room
• Midriff-baring clothing of any type

Attire in Other Areas

Dining Areas
Proper golfing attire, as described above, or Smart Casual attire as described below, may be worn daily throughout the Clubhouse, including the 19th Hole, Grill, Members’ Lounge, Leather Lounge, Library, and Main Lounge when no event is scheduled.

Leather Lounge and Library
Proper golfing attire, or smart casual attire as described below, may be worn when no event is scheduled. These regulations also apply to the 2nd-floor Veranda(s), and ground floor Patio and Lawn.

Formal Dining Areas
After 5:00 p.m., jacket, tie, and tailored trousers must be worn by all gentlemen, including those of intermediate and junior age.  Ladies must wear smart casual or evening attire, as described below.

Swimming Pool
Casual clothing suitable for an outdoor pool area is allowed; however, the following are not permitted:
• Any denim clothing
• Yoga leggings or jogging pants, leggings, spandex, and short shorts
• Cargo pants or cargo shorts
• Overalls
• Golf caps turned backwards
• Tee shirts, tank tops, or crop tops
• Overly revealing swimsuits, for Gentlemen or Ladies, are not encouraged

Clothing that may be permitted in the Pool Area is not acceptable on Clubhouse grounds, beyond the Pool Parking lot. We encourage Members and guests to use the changing rooms before leaving the pool area.

Parking Area
Upon arrival or departure, relaxed dress (shirts must have a collar and be tucked in), including denim (without tears), will be permitted for Members as they traverse the paved parking areas and proceed directly to and from their respective locker room entrances.

Flip flop type sandals, revealing clothing, hoodies, caps on backwards, non-golf-branded insignia, tee shirts, inappropriate messaging, or commercial logos are all prohibited.

Members must enter their respective Locker Rooms using the entrance facing the parking area and must not deviate to club pathways, Clubhouse, dining or lounge areas, Practice Ranges, Short Game Practice Area, Putting Green, Back Shop or Pro Shop.

This revised policy, while relaxed to benefit Members, is designed to be tightly restricted and limited.

Enforcement of the Dress Regulations Policy
Please be advised that the Board of Directors has empowered the Management Team in each department to enforce the Dress Regulations on a day-to-day basis. Each respective Department Manager is responsible for proper training of personnel to effectively and tactfully support the rules without offending our Members or guests.

Under no circumstances should a Member take it upon themselves to directly reprimand any guest or fellow Member, who may be in violation of the RMGC Dress Regulations.

A Member should discretely report any infractions to the appropriate Department Head or Department Supervisor.

It is the responsibility of all Members to inform their guests of the Club’s Dress Code. This includes guests who are enjoying our Courses as well as family members who are dining.

Additional Definitions and Examples

Smart Casual Men: Tailored or 5-pocket trousers (no denim or rivets), collared knit or woven shirt with or without a sport coat, blazer or necktie. Seasonal fabrics and attire. Closed leather shoes, with or without socks. Polished, yet relaxed.

Smart Casual Women: Well-dressed in a relaxed style. Tailored or 5-pocket trousers (no denim or rivets). No leggings unless covered by a mid-thigh dressy top. Dressy or semi-casual dresses and tasteful sundresses which are not overly revealing. Dress should always be neat, fashionable, conventional, elegant, and professional in style. Off-the-shoulder or cutaway styles are acceptable, as long as they exhibit good taste. Open backs, strapless clothing, and plunging necklines are not appropriate for smart casual events. Clothing that exposes the midriff is never permitted.

Business Casual Men: Business suit or tailored trousers with a collared woven shirt with sport coat or blazer. Optional necktie.

Business Casual Women: Short or long afternoon or cocktail dress. Fashionable skirt or pants and a dressy top. Dressy pants outfit. Dressy separates with exclusions as noted under Smart Casual.

Black Tie or Formal Evening Men: Tuxedo attire. White formal shirt, black bow tie, cummerbund, black dress socks and black formal shoes.

Black Tie or Evening Women: Long formal evening gown or shorter fancy cocktail dress that is black tie appropriate. Women may opt for tasteful, off-the-shoulder or strapless dresses, open-backed dresses, and skinny or “spaghetti” straps, as long as the overall effect is refined and elegant. Attire should not be racy or revealing.

Smoking Policy

The Quebec Tobacco Control Act L.6.2 applies to Private Clubs (Chapter 2.6.2). Be aware that smoking is not permitted on or under the Veranda, or within 9 metres of any door or window. Smoking is also not allowed on the Practice Range(s), Putting Green, and Short Game Practice Area.
Smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, and pipes is only permitted on the Courses and in designated areas located more than 9 meters from doors, and where smokers’ outposts are placed. 

These designated smoking areas include:
• Across the driveway of the Main Entrance
• South entrance to the 19th Hole
• The eastern Men’s Locker Room entrance
• The designated area north of the pathway on the Lawn and east of the temporary Kitchen (towards #1 Blue Tee)
Members are required to respect these designated areas. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Mobile Phone, Listening Device, Tablet, and Laptop Policy

With the completion of our new Members’ Lounge, our policies have been updated to allow for expanded use in this new location. Please note that Members may not extend these freedoms to other adjacent areas, such as the 19th Hole, Patio, Lawn, Veranda, Practice Facilities, Professional Shop, Pathways, or Putting Green.

This Policy is designed for the enjoyment of the Club by all Members, and we appeal to everyone to please respect and abide by it.

The use of any mobile or listening device is strictly prohibited on Club Property, except as follows:

On the Courses
• As a range finding device or camera;
• For limited emails, texting. This must be done only with the express permission and consent of your playing partners;
• The only manner in which a mobile device may be used for voice calls on course, is for the sole purpose of contacting the Club Receptionist at 514-626-3977 or 514-232-0238 in the event of an emergency. The Club’s Emergency Response Team will be sent to the location of the emergency and make all required arrangements for assistance, including calling 9-1-1, if necessary;

In the Members’ Lounge (new), mobile devices including laptops, may be used for e-mails, texting, and browsing. Members may listen to their devices, but must use earphones or earbuds, and ensure that content is not audible to others.

At the Swimming Pool, for e-mails, texting or browsing and for the discreet receipt or placement of telephone calls. We suggest that you refrain from making voice calls in the Pool Area, but rather in the designated areas at the Clubhouse or in your vehicle.

In the Locker Rooms, only for e-mails, texting or browsing, but not for the receipt or placement of telephone calls.

In the Telephone Booth (19th Hole Foyer) and designated Communication Centres (Gentlemen’s Downstairs and Ladies’ Locker Rooms) only for the receipt or placement of telephone calls.

In any parked vehicle.

In any of the Bedrooms on the 3rd Floor.

The use of laptops is restricted to the Members’ Lounge (new), Communication Centres, Business Centres and the Bedrooms on the 3rd Floor.

Guest and Visitor Policy

We have all experienced the distinct pleasure that comes from hosting visitors and sharing our extraordinary Courses and facilities with our guests.

It is both an honour and a privilege to do so. Members should remember that all guests may be introduced to the privileges of the Courses no more than three times in any calendar year, even if introduced by more than one Member. Also, no Candidates for Membership are permitted exceptions to this policy, and these applicants should not presume to use the Club or facilities prior to official acceptance from the General Manager and Secretary, following the ballot process.

Play on the Dixie Course is not exempt from this policy.

Guests are not permitted to use the various practice facilities, such as the Driving Ranges, Putting Green, or Short Game Practice Area, unless they are registered with the Professional Shop for a round of golf that day.

When a Member is hosting guests at the Club, our By-Laws state that:

1. Visitors

Subject to such rules and to the payment of such green or other fees as may be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors, a member may introduce any visitor to the privileges which such member enjoys of the Courses, Clubhouse and other facilities provided that the visitor is accompanied by such member.

2. Responsibility for Visitors

The name and place of residence of every visitor shall be entered in the visitors’ book and such entry shall be signed by the host member. A member introducing a visitor shall be responsible for any indebtedness to the Club incurred by the visitor, for any damage done by the visitor to any property belonging to the Club and for compliance by the visitor with all the rules, regulations and By-Laws of the Club.

Play on our Courses in the late afternoon can be spectacular. Please note that even for those times, and including the Dixie Course, after our Starters have departed, our Annual Booklet states:

Late Afternoon and Evening Play after the Starters have departed for the day, all Members must register in the Golf Shop prior to teeing off on any of the Courses.

Respecting our policies and privileges for Visitors and Guests ensures that all Members have equal access to, and enjoyment of, our Courses.