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Dress Code

In order to maintain the traditions and standards desired by the membership, all members and their guests are required to respect the following dress regulations on the property (including arrival and departure), except for the swimming pool area.

It is strictly prohibited for any member or guest to wear the following:
• Any denim clothing (beyond the parking areas)
• Yoga leggings or jogging pants, spandex and short shorts
• Cargo pants or cargo shorts
• Golf caps turned backwards
• Tee shirts, tank tops or crop tops
• Attire with non-golf-branded insignia
• Flip flop type sandal

Gentlemen/Junior Boys:
• Golf shirts with a collar, mock necks (with a minimum collar height of 1 inch) or turtle necks must be tucked into tailored golf trousers or shorts
• Golf shorts may be no higher than three inches above the knee cap
• Golf shorts may be worn with socks having a maximum cuff of ¾ of an inch (worn no higher than the ankle bone) or knee socks with turned down cuff
• Golf shoes must have soft spikes
• Socks are optional in the Clubhouse, but sandals and flip flops are strictly prohibited
• Golf caps and hats must be removed when inside the Clubhouse, except in the locker rooms

Ladies/Junior Girls:
• All shirts with a conventional collar, mandarin collar, turtle neck or mock neck (with minimum collar height of 1 inch), with or without sleeves, are acceptable
• Sleeveless golf shirts must cover the shoulders, and racer back shirts are prohibited
• Golf skirts, golf dresses, and tailored golf shorts must be at a minimum mid-thigh in length; mid-thigh to be calculated by one half of the length from inseam to knee
• Golf pants and capris must be tailored
• Golf shoes must have soft spikes
• Sandals are permitted in the Clubhouse but flip flops are strictly prohibited
• Golf caps, visors, and hats must be removed inside the Clubhouse, except in the locker room

Dining Areas: Proper golfing attire, as described above, may be worn daily throughout the Clubhouse, including the Veranda, the Coffee Lounge, the Library and Main Lounge, The Grill, and Patio, when no event is scheduled.

Coffee Lounge and Library: Proper golfing attire may be worn; and Members (excluding juniors) are encouraged to also enjoy these lounges in conjunction with informal or formal dining. These regulations also apply to the 2nd floor Veranda and ground floor Patio.

Formal Dining Areas: After 5:00 p.m., a jacket, tie, and tailored trousers must be worn by all gentlemen, including those of intermediate and junior age. Ladies must wear smart casual or evening attire, as described in the Social Calendar of the Annual Booklet, and with the restrictions described above.

Swimming Pool: Casual clothing is allowed; however, denim is not acceptable. Attire that may be appropriate for the Swimming Pool must not be worn to the Clubhouse grounds, including outdoor areas such as the Patio and Lawn.

Parking Area: Upon arrival or departure, relaxed dress, including denim, will be permitted for members as they traverse the paved parking areas and proceed directly to and from their respective locker room entrances. Flip flop type sandals remain prohibited. Members must enter their respective Locker Rooms using the entrance facing the parking area and must not deviate to club pathways, Clubhouse, Dining or Lounge areas, Practice Ranges, Short Game Practice Area, Putting Green, Back Shop or Pro Shop. This revised policy, while relaxed to benefit members, is designed to be tightly restricted and respected.

Mobile Device Policy

The use of mobile devices for voice communication is permitted only in the Coffee Lounge (19th Hole Foyer), the Communication Centres (located in the Locker Rooms), Business Centres (3 on the Bedroom Floor) or in a vehicle. At no time should mobile devices be used for voice communications anywhere not specifically described above. This includes the areas outside the Pro Shop, Back Shop, Practice Areas, and Putting Green.

The use of mobile devices for emailing and texting is permitted in the foregoing areas and in the locker rooms. For emergency purposes only, you may carry your mobile device on the courses in SILENT mode. In case of an emergency, call 514-232-0238 or the club Receptionist at 514-626-3977.